TLS WHB3 Hand Wash Station

The WHB3 Hand Wash Station is one of the TLS Simplicity Systems range of Sanitary Assemblies, specifically designed for the Healthcare sector, that comply with the requirements of HBN 00-10 Part C Sanitary assemblies.

A refreshingly new approach to the modern day construction disciplines of quality & fitness for purpose demanded by Infection Prevention & Control managers and their counterparts within the Healthcare Estates Sector.

The WHB3 Hand Wash Station is designed as a `one-piece` stand-alone unit, with post-formed return ends, manufactured entirely from 10mm P/F grade Compact Grade Laminate (CGL). This material is subject to the manufacturer`s 10
year warranty, please refer to the Polyrey / TLS `Premium Pledge Promise` and project specific O&M manuals.

With the development of the demountable and thermostatic panel mixer, all servicing & maintenance needs are met by simply removing the mixer from the WHB3 unit without having to access the rear connections. Consequently the WHB3 unit incorporates two hinged & lockable access doors, that are semi-recessed & flush fitting, at high and low level positions that allow for service connections.

This then leaves the area immediately around the panel mixer smooth and seamless with no sharp edges or joints thus being easy to clean.

All WHB3 units are available pre-plumbed,factory manufactured and assembled to ensure high quality products that will greatly reduce on-site installation procedures.

The ‘TLS Simplicity Systems’ range of Hand Wash Stations & IPS Duct Access Panel. (WHB & DAP) units incorporate the following characteristics:


• Infection Prevention & Control

Fully manufactured in Compact Grade Laminate, the surface finish of these units is Smooth, Seamless, Durable & Impervious, being easy to clean with NO sharp edges or joints.


• Damage Protection

Material is covered by manufacturer’s 10 year warranty.


• Spread of Flame

Compact Grade Laminate achieves Class 0 qualification.


• Sustainability

Design includes for a Low Energy production, waste minimisation and reduced labour requirements.


• Maintenance

Hinged Access Doors allow for ease of access, negating the use of heavy lift-off panels (a major H&S concern) and can be fitted with a locking device.


• Ease of Cleaning

Smooth surface with NO sharp edges or joints facilitates a practical & efficient cleaning regime. O&M manuals supplied as standard.


• Cost / Life cycle

Attractive & competitive pricing for these durable products.The CGL material is covered by the manufacturer’s 10 year warranty.


• Colour & Aesthetic Appearance

To discuss colour options, please contact our office on 01202 877600